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GOOD Tummy BUGS – the ones you Need…

Get the ‘GOOD Tummy Bugs’ in before the bad tummy bugs start doing the rounds…. Now that school has begun and many under-fives are back to kindergarten and day care, it’s the ideal time to boost the ‘GOOD tummy bugs’ to help protect your wee treasures from the ‘bad bugs’ that begin to circulate about now.

SHAPING THE FUTURE YOU with LifeStream Metabolise

It’s been a warm start to the year with soaring temperatures around the southern hemisphere. Have you braved the swimsuit and had a dip to keep cool? Holiday season can be a time when we eat a lot of delicious but calorie laden food which results in a little extra roundness to our shape.

Insect Repellent – Natural, Effective and Safe for Everyone

Going camping these holidays? Like spending summer evenings outdoors? Are you allergic to chemical based insect repellents or do you need baby friendly products? Then you need to check out Akari Insect Repellent, it's a summer essential!

Solgar 7 - for Next Level Joint Flexibility

Busy, active lifestyles that people lead can be hard on overworked muscles and even more troublesome for joints. Today there is both an increasing awareness and participation in health and fitness pursuits.

Stress and Energy support for the Festive Season

Modern living has its challenges all year around, but especially when the end of year commitments and festive season rolls around again. The state of our health can impact hugely on how we cope with these challenges, our quality of life, and the enjoyment of our celebrations and holidays.

You too can help bowel cancer patients

You too can help bowel cancer patients like Jack, have a very merry Christmas this year. Jack was just 49 when he was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. The Christchurch father of four had already battled and won against tongue cancer but was dealt another cruel blow just three years later..

The Magic of Essenchi for Sensitive Skin

Essenchi Aquaderm Cream is made from natural plant derivatives which are high in purity, safe and effective. It contains Pro-vitamin B5 which is present in all living tissues and a normal constituent of healthy skin. It's pH balanced and is an excellent skin hydrator, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch cream. It enhances healing of the skins layers and greatly aids tissue repair.

Teething, Irritable and Anxious Infants

Even the healthiest of babies need extra support now and again and can experience times of discomfort or irritability, often when they are over-tired or teething.

“Gut Feelings” – they’re real!

So how much DO our emotions affect the way our stomach or gut feels? Actually, rather a lot. You may have heard about the “Gut-Brain connection”, this is because the gut and the brain are very intricately connected.

TUI Balms “Herbal Lift” During Labour

Tui Balms HERBAL LIFT is very useful to have on hand for mum (and her support crew) during labour, it’s a massage and body balm which is excellent for helping to relieve stress and nervous exhaustion.

Methylation. What is it Exactly?

You may have heard the term ‘Methylation’ being talked about lately and have been wondering what it is? To put it very simply it’s a process in the body, of adding ‘a substance’ to a molecule to switch it on. When the molecules are switched on, they work properly, and efficient methylation will kick-start over 200 functions within the body.

Simple Ways to Support Your LIVER this Spring

At this time of year (post mulled wine and winter comfort food) our liver often needs a bit of loving and our bodies a cleansing kick start into the warmer seasons. If it’s not practical for you to attempt a 7-10 day detox or a fast, then see below for some simple liver support practices that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Spotlight on "Audrey’s Skin Repair Serum" by Akari

A potent healing formula originally created as a therapeutic oil to aide in repairing the skin from the effects of radiation treatment, Audrey’s Skin Repair Serum by Akari New Zealand is equally effective as a daily addition to your skin care regime.

How do Supplements and Traditional Plant Medicine differ?

Natural health is a large and ever-growing category that contains so many different products. How do you know what the difference is between vitamin tablets and traditional herbal medicine?

Natural Support for Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Spring is here, and along with the daffodils and cute spring lambs; for many - so are the irritating symptoms of hayfever or allergic rhinitis – watery and/or red eyes, runny or blocked nose, sneezing, itchy throat, headache and sinus pain. We've got a few recommendations for the whole family below, they're easy, effective and are tried and true!

Stuffy Winter Noses are now heading into Spring… How Can You Help?

There’s always the usual colds, flu’s and stuffy blocked noses during winter, and now that we are heading into Spring – there are plenty of things you can do naturally to help before heading down the path of anti-histamines and nasal sprays to help treat congestion. Read on for some fantastic drug free options!

“ME” Time and Self Care – Do you?

Busy busy busy....? Unfortunately many of us these days put ourselves last when it comes to prioritizing our daily to do list. In fact we probably don't even feature on it most days! However I’m sure you’ve occasionally thought about taking a break or taking some time out just for yourself…but how often do you follow through with it? Do you think could you somehow schedule it into your daily routine?

10 Signs Your Gut May Need Some Help

Our optimal health and wellness can be PROFOUNDLY affected by the health of our gut and the delicate balance of the millions of bacteria that reside there. Can you relate to any of the signs below? How many are familiar to you? You may be surprised to learn that having a healthy gut rich in microbiotic bacteria can actually help to prevent and to heal these conditions...

Astaxanthin and its Health Benefits

Astaxanthin has been a buzz word amongst health enthusiasts and researchers for its superior health benefits for a number of years. Over 500 clinical studies have highlighted astaxanthin’s ability to provide whole body health benefits including eye health, brain health, skin health, immunity, joint health and physical endurance and recovery.

Introducing Stunning AKARI Skincare - made in New Zealand

Akari is the Cook Islands word for coconut, which is a fitting name as many of our products contain cold pressed coconut oil. Recognising the health benefits of natural coconut oil and natural extracts from foods and plants, we have come to develop a line of natural skin and hair care products great for all skin types and amazing on the most sensitive skin.
Showing 21 - 40 (137)
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