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Joint Stiffness -Time to Loosen Up!

You are not alone, joint stiffness can occur at any age, although commonly begins to appear in your forties and sorry ladies, it may affect you more than your male counterparts. There are many factors that may result in some wear and tear or joint stiffness at an earlier age too, such as a genetic predisposition, previous injuries or overuse and carrying extra body weight. In fact, the most commonly affected areas are those that bear the most weight and move more often such as knees and hips. As such it can have an impact on your quality of life particularly if you live an active lifestyle; and staying active, and maintaining a healthy weight are key for joint support and comfort.

joint stiffnessSo, what is happening and why do we notice joint stiffness? It often occurs when the cartilage and synovial fluid attached and surrounding the end of your bones, which acts like cushioning between bones at our joints, or articulating surfaces, starts to slowly wear down, this means the cushioning effect and space filled with the synovial fluid between the bones gets narrower, resulting in joint stiffness and reduced flexibility.

Thompson’s All-in-One-Joint-Complex offers a distinct triple-action formula containing joint-supporting herbal ingredients Boswellia, Turmeric and Grapeseed, key nutrients Glucosamine plus minerals for joint health. This provides a convenient all-in-one joint support to help keep you moving and supports your mobility and comfort in three ways:

1.       Supports normal function of mobility in stiff or ageing joints

2.       Supports comfort of joint movement

3.       Supports the body’s natural cartilage repair process.

Glucosamine at doses of 1500 mg daily has been shown to be a key nutrient for the formation of cartilage and synovial fluid supporting lubrication and cushioning between the joints. However, glucosamine alone can take some months before you experience full benefits.  Therefore, combining glucosamine with supportive herbs boswellia, turmeric and grapeseed which provide additional support for joint stiffness and comfort. Helping to keep your knees, hips, hands and ankles joints loose and well cushioned may help you to keep doing the things you love doing.

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