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Spring into Spring with Plant Based Nutrition

Many of us feel like we are fatigued all of the time, our energy is gone so quickly and energy is so hard to come by. This explains our reliance on caffeine and sugar. Sadly, reaching for your 3rd coffee can in fact reduce your energy rather than add to it - so what is an alternative?

Lifestream are specialists in plant based, natural health foods and supplements that can provide the helping hand you and your family need to keep those energy levels up. One product in particular stands out when we are needing an extra energy boost - Lifestream Blue Spirulina Performance. Nature's ultimate energiser provides extra strength support for energy when you need it most and also supports and protects your immune system. This is key for all those active, busy or stressed people out there! The busier you are - the more support you need to stay healthy and recover faster.

Protein is also an essential nutrient, it is the major functional and structural component of our cells. It helps with tissue growth and repair. Helps with immunity (as protein is required for white blood cell formation) and all important brain function. Our modern western diet is low in protein as we consume more carbohydrates as they are quick, easy and widely available. Protein also helps to keep us fuller for longer (great for stable blood sugar levels). Adding Spirulina to your daily diet can help with your protein intake as it is a natural source of protein (approx 60-70% of protein per 100gm). Spirulina is a not only a source of plant based protein, but is packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which explains how it is useful in fighting the effects of oxidative stress. For those that are very active (athletes, active, busy people including athletes) the compounds that are found in spirulina (phycocyanins tocopherols, beta-carotene) can help reduce the muscle fatigue from exercise induced oxidative stress.

Lifestream Blue Spirulina Performance is non-GMO, sustainably sourced, grown away pollution in pure mineral-rich water and contains up to 50% more phycocyanins (the natural blue pigment-protein from the algae spirulina) than other standard Spirulinas. It is suitable for the whole family with 2 sizes available (standard and also mini pills for the younger and older family members) and is vanilla coated for taste. So this Spring boost your energy levels and get your resolutions back on track in time for summer!

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