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10 Signs Your Gut May Need Some Help

Our optimal health and wellness can be PROFOUNDLY affected by the health of our gut and the delicate balance of the millions of bacteria that reside there. Can you relate to any of the signs below? How many are familiar to you? You may be surprised to learn that having a healthy gut rich in microbiotic bacteria can actually help to prevent and to heal these conditions...

Astaxanthin and its Health Benefits

Astaxanthin has been a buzz word amongst health enthusiasts and researchers for its superior health benefits for a number of years. Over 500 clinical studies have highlighted astaxanthin’s ability to provide whole body health benefits including eye health, brain health, skin health, immunity, joint health and physical endurance and recovery.

Introducing Stunning AKARI Skincare - made in New Zealand

Akari is the Cook Islands word for coconut, which is a fitting name as many of our products contain cold pressed coconut oil. Recognising the health benefits of natural coconut oil and natural extracts from foods and plants, we have come to develop a line of natural skin and hair care products great for all skin types and amazing on the most sensitive skin.

Do you think Fish Oil capsules are TOO big?

Are you one of the many New Zealanders who would like to take fish oil supplements but choke at the thought of swallowing the capsule? Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil Mini Caps are a good solution. They are the same strength as regular fish oil capsules but only half the size, making them much easier to swallow. And, being odourless you won’t get a fishy after taste!

“Get FUDGED” – Our Favourite go-to Recipe!

Low carb, high fat FUDGE!! Quick to make and will satisfy the craving for ‘something sweet’, any time of the day or night. This is one we throw together at My Natural Health whenever the ‘need’ arises, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it 

Celebrating our Good Bacteria

The 27th of June each year is now “Microbiome Day” internationally, calling into focus the massive importance of the vast team of microbes in and on our body that contribute to our health and wellbeing. We rely on these microbes for a multitude of our daily functions including breaking down our food so we have access to the nutrients for energy and healing, producing essential vitamins, protecting us against germs, and healthy skin.

ARTEMIS Plant Medicine - 24 hour Solution for KIDS Coughs & Colds

In 2009, Medsafe NZ followed the rest of the world and advised No pharmaceutical cough and cold medication should be given to children under 6 years due to fatalities and serious side effects caused by the medicines. In 2013, they extended their ruling to include Not recommending them for children under 12. Artemis natural plant medicine offers a safe, organic, great tasting and effective solution to help ease your little loved ones cough and cold symptoms throughout the winter. (or whenever they need it, whatever the season)

The GOOD HEALTH Magnesium Range

Magnesium helps support many everyday body processes in the body; our circulation, muscles, joints, nerves. These systems all require adequate magnesium levels to maintain normal, healthy function in the body. There are a few options to choose from when considering which will be the most convenient way for you and your family to add magnesium into your diet, the Good Health range covers all of this below.

BREATHE Easy this Winter – Tips for the whole Family

It’s June already, winter has arrived and it tends to be the time of year when cold and flu viruses are circulating happily. The workplace, schools and pre-schools are excellent breeding grounds for these bugs to proliferate, and they end up being taken home and shared with the whole family in many cases - sharing is caring right?! Hmm not so much…

VIVOMIXX - the Super Strength Probiotic...

Vivomixx is a very high potency Probiotic or MICROBIOTIC food supplement. Each individual sachet contains 450 BILLION CFU’s, and each capsule contains 112 BILLION CFU’s. Vivomixx contains the original ‘De Simone Formulation’ and with Guaranteed Live bacteria, is a therapeutic strength Microbiotic.

Blackmores Superkids™ range – 99% sugar free

If you’ve got a super kid, you’ll be keen to keep them super healthy and one of your top considerations should be limiting the sugar they eat.

Are Supplements Important for Bodybuilding and Athletes?

Are Supplements Important for Bodybuilding and Athletes? If you’re involved in bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, athletics and the like, supplements are important. Read here to know why.

Love your Skin with Living Natures NEW Ultimate Day Oil

Living Natures STUNNING new Ultimate Day Oil is a MUST have for your precious skincare regime.

Why Thorne?

Thorne are a research and quality driven global health-care company that have been serving licensed health-care practitioners across the globe for over 30 years. Their company philosophy is built around enhancing the health and well being of people worldwide by providing innovative, high-quality, research-based nutritional supplements and the latest in medical education.

Eat Yourself Well with Natava SUPER Foods

Natava Superfoods is a brand based on the belief that eating a nutrient dense diet is crucial for living a vibrant and healthy life. That is why we strive to provide New Zealanders with the highest quality certified organic foods that are bursting with nutrients to help people to live the lives they deserve.

Kiwiherb Stress & Sleep Support

While stress is an inescapable part of life, Mother Nature also provides support in the form of herbs and nutrients which aid in the restoration of balance and vitality, and at Kiwiherb, we’ve chosen the best of these for our premium quality stress & sleep range.

Ocean & Reef Safe, Natural & Water Resistant SUNSCREEN is Here!

My Sunshine has been developed in New Zealand by Kiwi Mum Sarah Studd. As Kiwis we are bought up with a love of everything outdoors; swimming, sailing, at the beach & exposed to the suns harsh rays pretty much every day.

Can YOU help Save our BEES?

September is Bee Awareness Month here in NZ. Spring is here, the blossoms are out and we need to do all that we can to help these little pollinators thrive; not only for the delicious honey they produce; but really, for our survival. They are critical to our agricultural industry and actually play a major role in supporting our food chain, ensuring a supply of fresh produce which provides us with many important nutrients in our daily diets.

Wow Skincare just got SERIOUS with NZ Organic BEE Venom!

This stunning Organic Natural Bee Venom Mask is Living Natures’ latest addition to their fabulous Certified Natural range of skincare. Organic Bee Venom is combined with organic Manuka Honey and organic Coconut Oil to create a powerfully renewing, nourishing and energising face mask.

Supporting Men’s Health Naturally

Blue September is here again, reminding our men folk to put their health focus top of the list this month. It is well known that apart from the “man flu” men tend to ignore their health until it hits “drastic action required” level
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