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Could A Change To Your Meal Times Be The Key To A Healthy Weight?

In trying to gain or maintain a healthy weight, how much you eat may actually matter less than the timing of your meals, according to a surprising study conducted by researchers from Brigham Women's Hospital, Tufts University, the University of Murcia, and published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Having Trouble With Your Memory? Maybe You're Having Too Much Sugar.

An interesting article that looks at the impacts sugar may have on your performance. Researchers investigated the effects of high-fructose syrup, similar to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a cheap sweetener six times sweeter than cane sugar, which is used in most soft drinks, processed foods, condiments, and even many baby foods.

Are You Chronically Dehydrated?

An interesting article that looks at the impact of dehydration and what effects this has on the body

5 Easy Steps To Clean Up Your Diet

Some good advice from inspirational speaker and health wellness coach Kris Carr, Kris discusses 5 easy steps that can turn your diet right around for the better.

Chocolate Can Be Good For You At The Right Dose

An interesting article about Chocolate the benfits and what to look for, written by Dr Joseph Mercola.

Tea: Medicine In a Cup?

A discussion on Tea as a medicine which looks at a variety of different Teas and what they can be used for

Does Gluten Affect You?

Gluten troubles were once thought to be a problem primarily for those with celiac disease. But recent research indicates that gluten-related disorders extend to a far broader population, and affect far more than the digestive system. As scientists chip away at the mountain of health problems caused by the modern American diet, a troubling finding is emerging. Gluten, present in our most popular grains, is being linked not only to celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder affecting one out of 100 Americans, but also to non-celiac gluten intolerance, which afflicts many millions more.

7 Foods That Will Naturally Cleanse Your Liver

Our livers work extremely hard everyday to protect us from adverse affects from toxins and often it is easy for our livers to become overworked compromising our health significantly. Here are 7 common foods you can include daily to help cleanse your liver naturally.

Doctors Say Vitamins Are Safe and Effective

The news media proclaim that taking vitamin supplements is of no value and, somehow, actually dangerous. You have heard an earful from reporters. Now let's hear from doctors.

Could your Migraines be a sign of something more serious?

Could your Migraines be a sign of something more serious?

Should Sugar Be Regulated Like a Drug?

An artilce that discusses that not so pleasant facts about processed sugar consumption

Diabetes Super Foods

Diabetes Super Foods -This article provides some interesting tips on what foods to consume for Diabetes Management:

10 Superfoods You Can Easy Find At Your Local Organic Food Store

10 Superfoods You Can Easy Find At Your Local Organic Food Store This article orginally appeared on the Food matters Website http://www.foodmatters.tv/ It takes a good look at some of the most important super foods that are eay to obtain, we hope you enjoy this interesting article

4 Great Tips For Winter

Some great tips for winter wellness

Treating Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

Treating Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue Naturally , this article appears on the food matters website, it is an interesting article on that lists suggestions for lifestyle changes and Supplements that may assist with these conditions.

Why we need to take Supplements

This is an interesting article written by Meissa Meyer who takes a look at food quality and why supplements can benefit us Do we really need to take supplement? Isn’t eating healthy and living healthy enough? There used to be a time when we could live without taking supplements. Foods were created using natural sources and harvested to support small communities of people. Unfortunately, since our population has grown and the demand for foods has increased, profit margins have become the sole focus, rather than the quality of what these foods contain.

Top 6 Supermarket Foods to Avoid

Another great Food matters article on a few things to consider the next time you are at the supermarket: In a recent article, seven experts in the fields of both food and the environment (scientists, doctors and farmers) were asked just one simple question: “What foods do you avoid?” Their responses had nothing to do with calories or nutrient-density, but all to do with their insider knowledge on how certain seemingly “healthy” foods that they closely work with are produced and packaged. The findings are scary.

Is there not a better Way to healing your body?

For many of us, being 100% healthy seems like something out of reach. We feel like being sick or having to deal with various ailments is just part of life. Thing is, it shouldn’t be that way. Every ailment, complaint or signal we get from our body is a sign of something not being right inside of us.

Recipes For a Healthy 2011

How about starting 2011 in a healthy way? Why not try some of these delicious recipes for boosted energy, mental clarity and a more healthier you.

Food Additives and what to Avoid

Food additives have been used for centuries to enhance the appearance and flavor of food and prolong shelf life. But do these food additives really “add” any value to your food?
Showing 101 - 120 (135)
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