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HOMOEOPATHIC First Aid Essentials for the Whole Family


So, here are Naturo Pharms top 10 essentials for a Homoeopathic First Aid kit. There are also a number of topical creams which are perfect to have at the ready to support the injured or problem area at the site, on the skin. Do you have any favourite Homoeopathic remedies for a first aid kit? 

 APIS: - Supports the natural immune system after insect bites and supports normal water balance

Support for:

Bee and Wasp stings,

Allergic reactions to insect bites and stings (red, raised, itchy)

Water retention

Urinary tract infections


ARNICA: - Assists the body’s natural response to shock, injury, fatigue and bruising and aids normal muscle recovery after strenuous exercise and exertion. Aids normal defence mechanisms in times of trauma and after surgery

Support for:

Injuries and strains



Post-surgery recovery

Dental extractions


ARSENICUM ALBUM: - Support during exhaustion, restlessness and apprehension. Aids the immune system’s response to ills and chills and bowel upsets

Support for:

Food poisoning

 Nausea and vomiting




BELLADONNA: - Supports the body’s normal response to temperature imbalance and discomfort in the ears, throat and glands

Support for:

Sudden illness

 Throbbing pains




CANTHARIS: - Supports the body's natural response to bladder and urinary disturbances and stimulates healing of skin after burns and scalds

Support for:

Burns and scalds


 Burning pains

 Urinary infections


HYPERICUM: - Supports the body’s natural reaction to nerve injury. It also aids the normal recovery after surgery or trauma

Support for:

Injuries to nerves - particularly fingers and toes

Dental procedures

Shooting pains


LEDUM: - Aids the body’s normal response to puncture wounds and insect stings and supports normal joint mobility

Support for:

Puncture wounds to skin

Following blood test or injection

Insect and animal bites

Joint mobility



NUX VOMICA: - Supports healthy digestive processes and the body’s response to head tension, stomach upsets, over indulgence and irritability

Support for:


 Over-indulgence of food




PHOSPHORUS: - Supports normal blood clotting and helps clear mucous membranes

Support for:

 Nose bleeds

 Dental work or extraction

 Respiratory infections


RHUS TOX: - Supports natural joint mobility and skin function and aids the body’s immune response to itchy skin conditions

Support for:

Chicken pox and shingles rash

 Itching, blistery rashes

 Rheumatic pains

 Joint stiffness


Topical creams below are excellent additions to a first aid kit for the whole family, young & old alike!

Accident Relief Cream - Sprains, bruises, burns, cuts, minor infections, inflammation, joint pain

Arnica Cream - Bruises, sprains and strains, muscle pain and fatigue, swelling

Burnmed - Burns and scalds, sunburn, skin redness, stings

Calendula - Inflammation, burns, skin wounds, nappy rash, acne and skin rashes

Healmed - Cuts and grazes, minor burns, skin irritations, inflammation, nerve pain

Jointmed - Joint pain and stiffness, sciatic pain, muscle pain and spasms, inflammation


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