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BREATHE Easy this Winter – Tips for the whole Family

winter wellnessIt’s June already, winter has arrived and it tends to be the time of year when cold and flu viruses are circulating happily. The workplace, schools and pre-schools are excellent breeding grounds for these bugs to proliferate, and they end up being taken home and shared with the whole family in many cases - sharing is caring right?! Hmm not so much…

Often these infections will cause congestion, blocking the nasal passages, filling up the sinuses with mucus and even narrowing the airways. This can make breathing a bit more difficult, especially at night. It’s also common for these bugs to make the symptoms of asthma worse at this time of year. So what can you do to help? See below for some top tips for help easing your breathing in the home throughout the winter months.

We encourage you to open the windows for a few minutes each day to let some fresh air in and stale air out, and generally try to keep your home warm yet comfortable.  


Using a therapeutic quality Essential Oil - either a single one such as Eucalyptus or a ‘Breathe Easy’ formulation is an excellent way to improve breathing and ease congestion. Adding some Manuka or Thyme essential oils will provide antibacterial and antiviral properties. Ways to use essential oils:

DIFFUSER or Essential Oil Burner. An electric diffuser is amazing for this purpose, it diffuses the therapeutic properties of the oils into the air to breathe in day or night.

CHEST RUB – a few drops of the essential oils can be put into a base oil or cream and rubbed onto the chest.

INHALATION – pop a few drops of the essential oil into a bowl of hot water, lean over bowl to inhale – ideally put a towel over your head & the bowl so you can inhale the warm air infused with the oils. Wonderful for clearing the sinuses.

Two or three drops directly onto your pillow (or onto a tissue & pop it beside your pillow) & inhale while you are sleeping.


Taking more vitamin C each day supports the whole immune system and helps fight infection. Vitamin C is depleted when we get sick, and as it is also present in the lungs where it helps to reduce inflammation and tissue damage, it’s really important to up your levels when you’re wanting to help support your respiratory system. 

Vitamin C is also of great use to people with asthma, studies show that asthma suffers have lower Vitamin C levels in their lungs. 

It is also important for making infection fighting antibodies; even 1000 mg of Vitamin C per day can increase antibody production in the body by up to 400%.

ZINC & VITAMIN D                                                                                                                                     

Both of these nutrients are a crucial consideration when your body is trying to fight off all those bugs at this time of year. Many people, children included, have low levels of both zinc and vitamin D and this can make you much more likely to pick up every cold and bug that’s doing the rounds. Zinc has also been shown to help reduce the duration of the common cold.


Ear candles can be used every month to help prevent wax build up in the ear canal, and to help ease sinus congestion. Ear infections are so common in our children these days, and ear candling is a gentle way to help with congestion. (& is great for adults too!)                                       

Ear drops – crush a clove of garlic & mix it into 1-2 Tbsp of warm olive oil, leave garlic to infuse for half an hour or so, remove the garlic then place a few drops of the infused olive oil into the ear canal to help relieve earache and ear infections. (Ensure the oil is not too hot before using) Plug the ear gently with some cotton wool to prevent the oil escaping.


There are a variety of herbal teas available to help with gentle immune support and respiratory comfort. Safe for children, also can be taken cold or with some Manuka honey for extra bug fighting help. Hot lemon and honey drinks are also excellent. (add fresh garlic and or ginger if you can) Very immune boosting and soothing indeed! 


A number of herbs are extremely helpful with fighting infection, reducing inflammation and mucus production, soothing a tickly throat and easing coughs. Consider the following, in a liquid form is ideal: Mullein, plantain, marshmallow, kumarahou, licorice, horehound, coltsfoot, pelargonium, elecampagne, ground ivy, thyme, sage to name a few.



There are also some great Homoeopathic remedies for colds, coughs and congestion which are really effective, easy and safe for all to use.

(please note: don’t hesitate to visit your doctor if required)


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