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Blue September is here again, reminding our men folk to put their health focus top of the list this month. It is well known that apart from the “man flu” men tend to ignore their health until it hits “drastic action required” level.  Luckily over the last few years the conversation about men’s health prevention has been dialled up to audible by celebrities and leaders in our communities speaking out, bringing the taboo subjects up for discussion.  We want to empower our men with knowledge to make choices to support their health from the inside out so we can change the trends in the statistics on men’s health.  We want men to know that asking for help is a sign of strength, knowledge is power!

At Lifestream we offer a natural way to support a healthy lifestyle with our plant-based, nutrient dense supplements.  When it comes to supporting men’s health there are a handful of specific nutrients that would be beneficial to add into the daily routine to aid not only prostate but mental health, immunity and general wellbeing.  These include:

•           Natural Selenium for prostate health and healthy sperm
•           Natural Magnesium for relaxing muscles, stress support, healthy sleep patterns, heart health
•           V Omega 3 for heart, joints, skin and brain health- including mental focus and well- being with Vitamin D3 for healthy mood and immune support
•           Spirulina for energy and immunity, with antioxidant action from phycocyanin
•           Berries for antioxidant support and eye health with Pomegranate for prostate health
•           NZ Barley grass to support a healthy acid/alkaline balance, joint and digestive health

So let’s keep the conversation going to make sure that all men in our lives are in the know and have the on-going support with their health to be the very best that they can be.





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