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I have to say it is a amazing shopping.Good service .Fast delivery,total 6days from NZ TO CHN. Thank you all.5

I have thoroughly enjoyed this website! So many lovely natural products and competitive prices. Love that there are always awesome deals running. Great communication and speedy delivery. Keep it up! :)5

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The service from these folks keeps getting better. They were particularly accommodating of my need to have this order very urgently. Very friendly and helpful.5

This is my 5th order with My Natural Health.... They really are VERY good! They prices are cheaper than anywhere else, super quick delivery (as long as the item is in stock) and super friendly and efficient communication. Highly recommend people try them out, I don't think you will be disappoin...5

You have some great employees who provide excellent service . Wendy in particular , If I was her boss I'd give her a raise ............she deserves one. regards Greg Hickmott 5

Another great experience with MyNaturalHealth..great products, super fast delivery, and love the little free gifts. Wonderful staff to deal with. Many thanks5

Excellent service and product as usual.Fantastic team work and such speedy delivery. Many thanks5

Received order in a week. That was quick considered I am in Canada! The box was a little too flimsy as the box was slightly crushed. But overall very good transaction.5

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Thompson's Esterified C 1000mg

Thompson's Esterified C 1000mg

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Thompsons Esterified C - Humans unlike most animals cannot manufacture their own Vitamin C, so it must be replenished daily. The need for Vitamin C is increased during periods of stress, illness, rapid growth, pregnancy, strenuous physical activity, following surgery or other trauma, and in those who smoke tobacco or consume alcohol.

Thompson's Ester C 1000mg plus Bioflavonoids is a patented, non-acid form of Vitamin C which unlike other forms of Vitamin C, incorporates a number of special metabolites, including Calcium Threonate.

This is biochemically identical to the form produced in the body during metabolism of Vitamin C in the liver. It is this metabolite that makes Ester C four times more bioavailable, as it stays in the body longer and is better utilised by cells and connective tissues than other forms of Vitamin C. Several hours after taking Ester-C, the vitamin C concentration in the blood is twice as high as it would be after taking buffered or regular vitamin-C. In addition to higher quantities of Vitamin C in blood, the loss of this valuable nutrient via urine after taking Ester C is six times lower than after taking ordinary vitamin C. Ester C is processed in purified water, not using harmful solvents.

It is pH neutral and therefore very gentle on the stomach, making it ideal for those who take Vitamin C over a long time period or in higher doses. Bioflavonoids are natural compounds which assist the uptake of Vitamin C in the body further enhances this formulation. Bioflavonoids are anti-oxidants, which protect Vitamin C against oxidation and help prevent inflammations and allergies in the body; they prevent ruptures of blood vessels, and therefore reduce bruising and excessive menstrual bleeding. Formulation:

Indications For Use: Thompson's Ester C benefits the body in numerous ways, including protection from degenerative disease, immune-boosting to prevent colds and flu's, guarding against pollution, cigarette smoke and stress, enhancing wound repair, and alleviating hayfever and allergies.

Directions For Use: Adults - One tablet daily (with food) or as professionally prescribed.

Each tablet contains:

Ester C (Calcium Ascorbate with metabolites) 1000mg
Acerola (Malpighia punicifolia) 100mg
Bioflavonoids 20mg
Rosehips (Rosa canina) 30mg

Contraindications: None known

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