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Tahi Honey Active Manuka Honey 15+

Tahi Honey Active Manuka Honey 15+

250g @


RRP NZD74.90

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Active Manuka Honey
Tahi Active 15+ Manuka Honey is produced in New Zealand from the nectar derived from the flowers of the manuka tree (Leptospermum Scoparium). Beautiful crafted with a light touch Tahi Honey represents the best of natural products. Nothing added and nothing taken away.
Product Details
TASTE: Has a rich complex taste, aromatic and long on the palate. Creamy texture that melts in the mouth.
COLOUR: Varies from batch to batch and season to season but generally rich nutty colours tending toward darker browns and autumn hues.
BENEFITS: Active Manuka honey demonstrates anti-bacterial properties distinct from those peroxidal anti-bacterial properties common to most honeys. This NPA (non-peroxidal activity) can be measured and that measurement in turn acts as a guide to the effectiveness of that activity. The active components are generally acknowledged as being phytochemicals; methylgyloxal and a wide variety of phenolic compounds. Many trials have been undertaken using Active Manuka Honey and good evidence now exists to support its health, nutritional and well-being claims. It's clearly a beneficial dietary supplement consolidating anti-inflammatory and immune stimulation effects.
USAGE: This Active 15+ honey is produced principally as a health food. Its high activity components (methyglyoxal and other phenolic compounds) make it ideal in the support of health and wellbeing. Take a generous spoonful daily or use as part of your daily dietary routine. Great for all of the family. Not suitable for children under one year of age.
DIRECTIONS: The method of storing honey depends really on how it is to be used. For a thick almost solid (set) consistency then refrigerate it in the warmest part of the fridge but keep the lid tightly closed. (Honey will absorb moisture at every opportunity if it allowed to do so). Keeping honey at room temperature will ensure it retains a slightly more jam-like consistency. For a runny honey then just warm it gently in either the microwave or a water bath. Don't heat much above hive temperature (approx 34.4c) as this will start to damage the yeasts and enzymes that contribute to the flavour and health benefits.

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