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Lifestream Natural Calcium Powder

Lifestream Natural Calcium Powder

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Lifestream Natural Calcium is produced from a certified organic sea vegetable called Lithothamnium calcareum and demonstrates advanced bioavailability. Lifestream Natural Calcium contains 32-34% elemental calcium and other important co-factor minerals including boron, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine and sulphur.

Calcium is one of the most essential and important minerals in our body. It is also the most abundant, 99% is located in our bones and teeth. Lifestream Natural CalciumCalcium is also used by almost every cell in the body including the heart and nerves and is necessary for muscle contraction and for the development and maintenance of bone structure. Calcium is an important component of a healthy diet. Although we imagine our bones are permanent, they are actually being constantly renewed throughout our life and replaced with new bone tissue. In fact, our entire skeleton is renewed approximately every seven years! If we do not consume enough calcium in our diet, our body takes the necessary calcium from our bones to use for other essential functions. This can result in brittle or porous bones, broken bones, low bone density and weakness - especially in later life.

To ensure we maintain excellent bone health, it is essential we receive sufficient quantities of calcium every day. It is even more important to ensure that the body can utilise and absorb the calcium it is given. Natural food-complexed calcium may be the most suitable form of calcium for long-term use. Usually good sources of minerals are obtained from natural plant and vegetable foods however calcium content is high in only a select number of foods.

The Benefits of taking Lifestream Natural Calcium:

* The only calcium supplement that is Certified Organic and a genuine natural food
* Helps to build strong healthy bones and nails
* Helps to support bone density and strength as you age
* Supports skeletal strength and posture of the spine
* Strengthens and builds strong healthy teeth
* Lessens the physical and emotional experience of PMS
* Good bioavailability and well absorbed by the body
* 100% dairy-free, G.E. free, animal free, vegetarian and gluten free
* Contains other necessary minerals including magnesium, zinc, boron, selenium
* Contains NO hydroxyapatite (crushed cow bone) and no animal products.
* Contains NO preservatives or synthetic additives
* Available in easy-to-swallow capsules or powder
* Not synthetically produced or made from chalk
* A complete and natural calcium food The most important aspect when taking calcium is the bioavailability of the calcium. Calcium digestibility, solubilisation, absorption and organ uptake and release are important metabolic events when considering calcium bioavailability.

Is Lifestream Natural Calcium well absorbed by the body? Yes. This is due to 3 unique aspects: 1. Lifestream Natural Calcium has a unique porous honeycomb-like structure which reacts particularly well in the digestive system and gives it high absorption properties. 2. A Lifestream Natural Calcium molecule has a very large surface area. This allows faster solubilisation and rapid ionisation of the calcium. 3. Lifestream Natural Calcium also contains other important minerals necessary for the absorption of calcium including magnesium, boron, selenium, zinc, copper and iodine. Lifestream Natural Calcium is available in capsules and powder form.


Each capsule contains 300mg of elemental calcium plus other important minerals.
Each level teaspoon (2.8g) of Lifestream Natural Calcium powder provides 924mg of elemental calcium.

Lifestream Natural Calcium is best taken with food at night time for optimum absorption. Lifestream Natural Calcium powder can be sprinkled onto food (just prior to serving) and can be mixed with juices. Capsules are not recommended for small children (due to the choking hazard) and therefore we advise that Lifestream Natural Calcium powder is used instead it can be sprinkled onto young children's food or drinks

100% Premium Lithothamnium calcareum sea-vegetable.

Each Teaspoon (2.8gm) Typically Provides:

Calcium 924mg
Magnesium 79mg
Phosphorus 1.7mg
Boron 22mcg
Selenium 2.8mcg
Zinc 6mcg
Copper 5.6mcg
Sulphur 8.4mcg
Iodine 6mcg

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