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Lacteeze Extra Strength relieves bloating, diarrhea, cramps and gas.

Lactose intolerance is the most common food intolerance today, causing bloating, gas, cramps or diarrhea after eating dairy.

A simple and effective solution is to take LACTEEZE tablets immediately before eating cheese, ice cream milk or any dairy product. This replaces the natural lactase enzyme so that your body can digest the lactose in dairy naturally.

Are your symptoms worse:


You could be one of the many New Zealanders that suffers from lactose intolerance, which is an inability to digest the lactose in dairy products.

20% of the New Zealand population are lactose intolerant. Some ethnic groups suffer from a high percentage of hereditary lactose intolerance (84% and 95% respectively).

Transient lactose deficiency is a common cause of colic in babies *


* replace the body’s supply of lactase enzymes so that dairy products can be digested naturally without unpleasant symptoms.
* have been shown to reduce crying time in babies with transient lactose intolerance by at least 45% *
* enable mothers to continue breast feeding even when their baby is lactose intolerant
* are not a drug or medicine – they are a natural enzyme that is normally found in the digestive system
* are gluten free, dairy free and the tablets are yeast free
* are safe from birth onwards
* tablets are listed with the TGA

- LACTEEZE tablets need to be taken every time you consume dairy products. Chew or swallow 1-2 tablests just before consuming dairy foods. Repeat the dose if you continue to eat dairy after one hour.
- Up to 12 tablets a day.
- Adjust dose to suit your individual needs.

We recommend LACTEEZE Childrens Strength tablets for infants and children to 12 years.

BREASTFEEDING: LACTEEZE drops can be used for breastfeeding or converting lactose in milk or any dairy liquid.

Dextrose, microcrystalline cellulose lactase (4,000 FCC lactase units), calcium stearate and natural mint flavour.

Each tablet contains "Tilactase 51 mg" and "contains glucose"

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