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Encare ImmuneCare

Encare ImmuneCare

60 Caps @


Or 16.25 NZD (over 6 payments)

ImmuneCare is a natural, non-dairy concentrated source of oral immunoglobulins (antibodies) from a serum-derived bovine source in New Zealand. It perfectly supports immune function through GI track.
ImmuneCare is isolated from bovine serum and includes naturally occurring bioactive peptides and growth factors.
• Supports gut barrier health
• Supports healthy microbiome balance
• Helps bind and remove toxins from gut lumen
• Support for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
• Support for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)
• Support for Autoimmune Conditions
• Maintains intestinal homeostasis and healthy mucosal immune system
• Maintains immune support
• Contains Bioactive IgG

SBI helps support any form of gut dysbiosis such as SIBO or IBD. Low gut mucosal immunity suggests impaired elimination of bacterial endotoxins or other toxins from the gut. As seen in many studies SBI supports the removal of these toxins and facilitates gut barrier strength.

Metabolic Endotoxemia:
Exposure to toxins and infections are commonplace and the use of antimicrobial drugs are commonplace, but also leave potentially toxic compounds, like Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) in their wake. LPS are large molecules found in the outer membranes of pathogenic gram-negative bacteria. If they cross the gut lumen into the bloodstream, they can elicit a strong innate immune response know as metabolic endotoxemia. With patients with internal permeability this increases the risk of systemic inflammation. Metabolic endotoxemia is linked to a broad range of chronic conditions, from heart disease, autoimmunity, depression, anxiety and diabetes.
Resetting the Immune System:-
SBI therapy helps enhance healthy gut function and heal leaky gut.
Immunoglobulins like the proteins in SBI bind to microbes and toxins int the G.I tract, eliminating them without activating the immune system. By binding these triggers, SBI helps to quell chronic immune system overactivation and re-establish appropriate immune activation. This helps reduce gut inflammation, restore normal inflammatory balance and strengthen the intestinal lining.
ImmuneCare is free of:
• Lactose
• Casein
• Whey
• Gluten
• Soy
• Dye

Adults 1-2 caps daily with food.
Children 3years and over: 1 Capsule daily with food

>70% protein which consists of: >45% IgG>2%IgA4% IgM etc. along with other proteins, transferrin and peptides

Store below 25°C.
ImmuneCare is derived from a beef source, individuals who have an allergy to beef should not take this product.

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