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Methylation. What is it Exactly?


The ‘substance’ is the methyl group CH3. (4 atoms - 1 carbon, and 3 hydrogen atoms) When it is being delivered to our body’s cells as it should, it facilitates biochemical reactions which are crucial to control many processes including brain function, detoxification, cardiovascular regulation, our stress response, repairing DNA and helping convert food to energy to name a few.

One example: Methylation helps to convert homocysteine - a toxic amino acid, into methionine - a beneficial amino acid. If your body does not methylate properly, homocysteine levels can build up in your bloodstream and cause damage to blood vessel walls and lead to cardiovascular health issues.

Methylation helps enzymes in our bodies to work efficiently and can also affect our genes (both made up of proteins) It can turn genes on or off, which can be good or bad for our health, depending on the gene.

Methylation is a biochemical process which is vital to life, and happens in every cell and organ in the human body millions of times each second. Nutrients we ingest can affect the process of methylation – eg methyl donors such as folate and choline; and support optimal functioning of this important process within our body, so here’s another good reason to be aware of eating a good healthy diet.  


Hopefully you now know a little more about methylation and can see that “how well your body can methylate” is really important to your overall health and wellbeing.


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