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“ME” Time and Self Care – Do you?


  Life often gets in the way of ‘Me’ time, and now with our seemingly hectic life schedules; work, family, appointments, after school activities, (& the list goes on…) it’s more important than ever to give it some consideration. When you’re relied on by many people, it’s so easy to put them first and to just ignore your own needs and wants. Carving out even 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to do something just for you can help give your energy and positive attitude a real boost!


Here’s a few simple things to consider doing just for you:

Nourish: An important daily self-care tip is to make healthy nourishing food choices each morning. It helps to energise both your mind and body for the day ahead. Keep in mind low sugar, unprocessed and good protein choices, or try a plant based high protein smoothie that you can quickly shake up for nourishment on the go.

Breathe: Deep breathing can be a fantastic way to lessen the stress in your mind and body. Be still for a moment, breathe in through your nose slowly (feel your belly gently rise), and out through your mouth – slowly; you can try this deep ‘belly breathing’ before you get out of bed, in the shower, in the car –at the lights, step into the garden for a few minutes. Breathe slowly, releasing tension on your out breaths.

Move: Especially important if you sit a lot each day, in the car, at work, watching TV… Your energy levels and brain will get an instant boost if you take even 5 minutes a few times a day to get up and move; walk, stretch. Set aside some time each week – you may need to get up half an hour earlier or make a small change in your routine to make ‘Me’ time a regular thing.

Walk for 20 minutes, join a gym, dance – even if you can only fit it into your schedule once or twice a week, it’s something just for you! Doing physical exercise even when you’re busy really benefits your health and energy level, it gets your blood circulation going, oxygenates your body and releases endorphins – your own ‘feel good’ chemicals!

Pamper: Book yourself in for some ‘Me’ time on a regular basis and allow yourself to be pampered. Be it a meal at your favourite restaurant or dessert café, a massage, facial, pedicure or even getting your hair done. It’s ok to put yourself first sometimes.

Gratitude: Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down with your daily/weekly routine and it doesn’t take much to let it all get on top of you. A really helpful practice is to get some gratitude back into your life. Take a few minutes and write down 10 things you are grateful for, or 10 positive moments from each day. As you write or focus on each one say ‘thank-you’. Doing this exercise regularly actually helps create more positivity, abundance and gratitude in your life. (it’s a good one the whole family can do also)    

Learn: No matter your age, taking care of yourself also includes giving yourself permission to learn something new. What are you interested in, or have always wished you could try? There are many online classes available now, or perhaps check out your local community centre night classes in your area.


  Making time for yourself in this busy world is a vital part of being you. “Me” time provides some instant stress relief and helps boost mood; why not lead by example and give yourself permission today? You are important so don’t be afraid to make yourself a priority!!


Thank-you for taking the time to read this :)

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