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Excellent service and product as usual.Fantastic team work and such speedy delivery. Many thanks5

Received my order the next day, so very pleased. Thanks again also for the promotional emails, the alert to the clearance Sale, very helpful on this occasion.5

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Received order in a week. That was quick considered I am in Canada! The box was a little too flimsy as the box was slightly crushed. But overall very good transaction.5

The service from these folks keeps getting better. They were particularly accommodating of my need to have this order very urgently. Very friendly and helpful.5


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Food Allergies

How we do we recognise some signs of food allergies? Many of us mums notice that our child seems to constantly be complaining of sore stomachs or they seem to get constipated or alternatively have bouts of diarrhea and nausea. We often attribute this to some 24 hour bug, the heat, the cold, overeating, emotion or just begin to think that is normal for our child. Here are some quick tips on how to recognise and possible try to identify what foods may be responsible. Dairy – Lactose intolerance or sensitivity can cause nausea and diarrhoea and skin issues such as eczema or intense itching. Glue ear and nasal congestion with repeated ear, nose, throat and chest infections. Gluten – Found in wheat, bran, oats and rye is a protein that may not be able to digested if the child does not have the enzyme to do this. The signs are bloating, often constipation, anaemia with pale skin, stomach pain and lowered immunity and fatigue. Tomatoes and Acidic Foods – These tend to create hive type rashes and swelling of the mouth with sores. Migraines, aching joints and muscles and stomach disturbances. Often if the child eats tomato sauce you can immediately see the area above and around their lips become red and inflamed. There are many ways to try and identify if your child has a food allergy and one is to keep a food diary and then watch for reactions and eliminate acidic foods and dairy one week and see if there is an improvement and then take out gluten and dairy another week and so on. This way you are only exposing them to one of the highly allergenic foods per week. There are places where you can carry out food allergy tests and contact me on for advice on the various places you seek help. Some are simple hair analysis tests and the other is blood test. One thing to do from a supplementary point of view is use dairy free probiotics which can help to support good gut flora and improve the immune system. Use some Glutamine to help repair any damage to the intestinal tissues that may have occurred and give Vit C, Vit D and Zinc to improve immunity, skin health and adrenal gland function and help to reduce the inflammation. Imagine if you really suspect there is a problem what constant exposure to the allergen can do the digestive tract and immune system. Being patient and seeking advice will solve a lot of unnecessary ill health for your child and less stress for you. If you have the tools you can improve everyones quality of life.

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