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10 Signs Your Gut May Need Some Help

Is your gut healthy enough? Check out our list below for some signs that your gut may need some help:  


1.     May get sick a lot

2.     Suffer with bloating, gas and diarrhoea (or constipation)

3.     Feel tired all the time

4.     Have sugar cravings

5.     Are stressed, anxious or suffer with depression

6.     Have skin problems that won’t go away

7.     Have an autoimmune disease

8.     Suffer with yeast or fungal infections

9.     Are taking antibiotics or are on regular medication

10. Have allergies or sensitivities to specific things


 If some of the signs above are familiar to you, supporting your system with both a good diet and a quality proven probiotic supplement like Vivomixx, will boost your intestinal microbiota and gut health significantly.


 Optimal health and wellness can be profoundly affected by the health of our gut and the delicate balance of the millions of bacteria that reside there. While our guts main function is to digest food, absorb nutrients and eliminate waste; the latest research is showing it does so much more… (immunity, anti-inflammatory, skin health, weight management & mood support, to name just a few) This is why it’s crucial to consider our gastro-intestinal health every day and ensure we support the proliferation of good bacteria that live within. 

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